What! Only 2 weeks left!

Ohh heck, only 2 weeks before the big day - when did that happen?

Was my thought when I was going through my training plan the other day (I even had to look twice at the date). 2 weeks left to the Big Half, could that be right? Really? It had to be a mistake, but nope there it was as big as life the date and only round the corner. 

Anyone living in South London, or in fact the South of England, knows how bad the weather has been of late. So as your can imagine getting out for a weekly long run has been a challenge and to be honest, if I hadn't been for the fact I was raising money, as well as running, I wouldn't go out some days. 

Despite the wet, I have still been enjoying my time out and about the local area. In the past I would have been found on the busy roads up to London, but recently I have found a local route taking in some of the local parks. Now, anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of cross country (despite some of my mad off road races of late) and mud is not my friend. So after a very wet night, I decided to head out on such a route via my regular Parkrun, not even giving the state of the parks a second thought. 

Another thing you should know, I tend to have a few pairs of trainers on the go at the same time (a girl can never have too many shoes, even if they are trainers) and I always keep a pair for my longer runs with the aim that they will be my marathon trainers. So far I have managed to stand on the start line with very clean, but well broken in, shoes. So when I got home cold and wet, I looked down and found my shoes rather dirty and looking a shadow of their former self. I have to say I was a little sad, but do you know, I think I will keep them that way, I feel it's the sign of a real runner.

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