What a windy session (session 6)

Session 6 – What a windy session

When I woke this morning and heard we had a storm on the way, and not just any storm, storm Caroline (you know it will be bad when they give the storm a name). I did wondering if any of the ladies from the group would come along today. Do you know, I need not have worried, they were there ready and willing to run.

We started off with our stretches outside the club, with the wind whipping round us, wondering how far we would get before we got blown away. We then took a gentle jog up towards Charlton House to start our main session. Today our session was going to be a changing pace one. I know it doesn't sound like a great session, but don't worry it sounds more scary than it really is. Our task was to use the path area in the park and divide it into sections using different speeds. We mapped it out and went with the jog, a bit more speed, a bit more speed on top of that, approach. Our aim was to get round at least 4 times with a minutes rest between. Well the group did themselves proud and got round 6 times.

After our marvellous session, we took a gentle jog back to club for our cool down stretches. As it was just to windy, we decided to give our fun part of our session a miss and headed inside for a warm stretch. After a post session natter, we all headed home before the rain started and Storm Caroline really started to blow.

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