Wonky Donkey Mon 23 March

Wonky__Donkey__Mon._23-03-20.jpgFeeling a bit dumpy and grumpy stuck at home come be be a bit more funky and spunky by then watch Lydia reading the hilarious fast paced Wonky Donkey on 1.30pm on Monday 23rd March. 


Why not make a puppet beforehand and share it at story time? Heres a template http://mylittlebookcaseforkids.blogspot.com/2010/10/make-your-own-winky-wonky-donkey-puppet.html

Have a listen to the Wonky Donkey Song on youtube. Can you sing along? 


How about play a game of pin the tail on the donkey?
All you need is…
a picture of a donkey
a piece of string or ribbon with some blu tac on the end 
And a blind fold 
What you do is…
Put a blind fold on someone and spin them around (gently)
Then see where they pin the tail on the donkey!