We did it

Imagine the scene, its 6am and the rest of my house hold is snoozing away. I creep downstairs and fill up on my runners breakfast ready for the start in 3 hours time.

I double check out the window and am greeted by perfect conditions for a run around the streets of East/South East London. I bet after all the snow, no one could believe we would get such a good day. 

I had arranged to meet 2 of the other team runners at the station where we would travel on together, then meet everyone else near the start line. Good job I did, as by the time I had left my house the reality of the next couple of hours ahead of me kicked in. The nerves and doubt started to spread, so I was really glad to be travelling with some of my other team members who were in the same boat. But you know, I need not have worried. As we got on the train, we suddenly found that every other passenger was also running (who knew there were so many runners in the Woolwich/Charlton area!).

Even though I have done many a run as this was a brand new one, none of us knew what to expect. When we got off the train we were shepherd down the stairs to the bag drop and start. I have to say it was all very exciting and with a whiff of muscle rub in the air, off we went to drop our bags, do a final loo stop and head to our pens before setting off.

By 8.45am we were all ready and waiting in our pens madly posting on all forms of social media what we were up to, how we felt and pictures galore. By 9am we could hear the elite runners being called and then setting off on their way. After a long wait it was our turn to be called to the start. No sooner had we got there and we were off.

The route took in some of the sights on the route used for the London Marathon, as well as parts I knew well from running around in my younger days. The crowds were out in force with their banners cheering us all the way round and the marshals at various points to make sure we were all going the right way. 

And what seemed like a blink of an eye, the "500 metres to go" sign suddenly appeared and the finish line was in sight. No matter what anyone says, crossing the finish never stops getting emotional and will always be a happy one.

We went, we ran and we finished the first ever Big Half London, and I must say we all did a fantastic job.

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