Volunteer stories




Catherine – back into work
I came along to an open day to recruit new volunteers. I had been a tad miserable not knowing what to do with myself due to disability and not working and being indoors 24/7. I have a new lease of life. I have a new purpose in life and a whole bunch of new friends. The Big Red Bus Club has helped me get me get real qualifications that has got me back into work.It’s been life changing and I find during the school holidays I am waiting for it to reopen.




Majrola -I had a break from volunteering at the Big Red Bus Club to give birth to Eva, six weeks after my daughter was born I was back to volunteering every week. It’s so easy to plan my volunteering around my family – my daughter is now seven months old and the love and attention of all the volunteers has helped make to make Eva a happier more content baby. I am happier with a reason to leave the house and with friends to work with.




Aum – My daughter loved coming here so much that I ended up coming three times a week, it seemed obvious to help out and become a volunteer. My daughter started school and I stayed because my family benefited from having somewhere to come and get out of our flat. Over the years I have gained new qualifications, organised events, and helped build our local community.What I didn’t realise was that my English had improved until a family friend commented – although now with a London accent.

volunteer_recruitment_tara.jpgTara – I had volunteered for years at the Big Red Bus Club running sessions and being the Treasurer when it was time for my sons to go to school I know I couldn’t go back to work up town and 9 -5. The support I received over the years from the Big Red Bus Club meant I was able to start my own business and give back to the Big Red Bus Club at the same time.I now run a whole community wellbeing programme, working with the friends I have made at the Big Red Bus Club, the support has made me confident and opened my eyes to possibilities of a future which is built around my family.