Using Zoom

Getting online can be problematic, to ensure that we have a positive and friendly community at storytime we require everyone to register with Zoom and a 'authenticated' email address.

First things first

Storytelling happens daily at 1.30pm and Large and Legging it is at 8pm Tuesday & Thursday. To register for daily storytelling at 1.30pm follow this link

Second is next

You will be taken to a registration page that asks for your email - once you've filled in the form it will register you 

You will see it has the meeting ID (blocked out in this image) and a link to the online storytelling meeting space (again blocked out). 

Each link is unique so log in with your own link generated on this page or the email sent to you.






And finally third

 You will recieve a long email from Zoom, confirming you have registered it contains a link to the meeting space and the meeting ID (blocked out in the image). Its right at the bottom of the page so do keep scrolling till you have found it way down at the bottom of the email. 

When you sign in you need your own link and the email its connected to and the meeting ID. Its handy to keep all the info in notes so you can quickly copy and paste it in next.

Click the link, sign in and enjoy the stories. 

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