Training so far - 9 weeks left

Do a half marathon they said, it will be fun they said!!

This is what I was saying all through my training run last week, as the rain poured and the wind blew me about. Mother nature was not kind at all with her gift of weather last week and it does make you wondering why you are pounding the streets while others are at home in the warm. But do you know what, when I got back all I could think of was, when is my next run? 

As you will have read in my introduction, I am not only training for this half marathon, but also a marathon in April. So this week my mileage is starting to increase with every run I do. So after dropping my boys at school I started out on my journey through the streets of Woolwich, Charlton and Greenwich. I am so luckily to live in so close to London and to be able to plan a route that takes in some of sights of London. Coming through the Charlton/Greenwich divide I was greeted by a wonderful sight of the City and one that I had not noticed before (it was so lovely, I even stopped to take a picture). From there the sights kept coming, so much so that the rain couldn't dampen my spirits the further I went.

So when you are feel damp and tired, remember look up and take in what is around you. Life will feel a lot more better.