Top Five Tips for Dressing Warm

As the weather is getting a bit more chilly we have all been chatting about cheap, comfy clothing for kids and adults for Outdoor Stay and Play.  Here are our top five tips:

1. Inside - a base layer or your thermals, are best light not itchy, a sort of polyester or microfibre is best because cotton traps moisture so after a while it gets a bit damp inside. 

2. Middle  - these are your jumpers and trousers, think warm and loose,

3. Outside - WATERPROOF, waterproof, waterproof for adults and kids a like, the romper suits for the baby, the macs and over trousers for adults and toilet trainers.

4. The Outer Bits - So lets be honest, man made fibres are, cheap and effective, get loads of gloves in case they get wet, insulated boots instead of wellies (or lots of socks if wellies work) and hats that are comfy!!

5. Cost - This will cost a pretty penny and as a group we often chat about local bargains, we all seen online and in local shops, this has been a bit harder with the shops closing in November. 

On Facebook our local group often will respond to a call out for what your missing  or we can do it on your behalf, also MammaKind, based at the Eltham Foodbank, provides clothing & toys for under twos with a referral.

The off price retailers, Aldi, Lidl and TK Max all stock winter clothes and of course Matalan is great.

Just let any of us know if you are looking for items of clothing, or if you can pass on winter clothes to someone else and we will be happy to help arrange it.

Also we have no idea about this company we are using the picture from, but its a great picture.

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