Play Plus Autumn Time Table

Here are the topics and sessions up until March. 

Date: 11th February
Story: Blown Away
With: Theatre Bugs


Date: 18th February - No Play Plus - Half term holiday 

Date: 25th February 
Story: Yike’s Ticklysaurus 
With: Lizzy - Dancing 

Date: 4th March 
Story: Monkey Puzzle
With: Amber

Date: 11th March 
Story: What the Jacksdaw saw
With: Cathy - Interactive Story Telling  

Date: 18th March 
Story: Goodnight Spaceman  
With: Theatre Bugs

Date: 25th March 
Story: We’ll paint the Octopus Red  
With: Tara - Movement session 
Downs Syndrome Awareness Day

Date: 1st April  
Story: A shark in the dark 
With:  Cathy Walker