Those Darn Hills Again

What a wonderful day it was on Thursday, the sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. Gosh that could be an opening line of a story book. But it really was a great day to be out running.

The group numbers were short, but that didn't matter we were determined to start the session and tackle those hills planned for the morning.

Even though we were a small group, we did our warm up as usual. From there we took a short gentle jog down to the hill in the park and got to our starting point. Here we stopped to re-group and to talk over what are aim for the session was. Today we were concentrating on how we were going to run down hill. There is a way to run downhill, I hear you say! Yes there is and it is quiet interesting. After deciding we would have lovely free arms and well placed feet, we started on tackling the hill in question.

After a good number of reps up and down the hill, we walked back to our meeting point for some well needed stretches. It was another great session and one that we all agree we did after we have done it.