The Hungry Caterpillar

This is the first blog since the holidays. It feels like such a long time since I've posted here!


Play Plus started up again with a bang! We have a whole raft of new children coming and enjoying the fun activities.


Monday's session was all about the hungry caterpillar - this is such a great book. Full of great conversation starters like days of the week, different food and of course the life cycle of the butterfly. It has something to meet everyones needs! We could basically make this book last about 4 sessions!! 

Our craft today was to decorate a butterfly - Elena made some great cardboard butterflies and used egg boxes to make a caterpillar. We then had loads of different materials that could be stuck on and we also had paint (which was fun!). This was such a great activity and all the children enjoyed it. even those that don't normally do crafts. This would be easy to do at home as you can just use bits from around the home. 


Our next activity was from my parents garden. We used tweezers to pick out sunflower seeds from a sunflower head. 


The thought behind this activity was that it can help support their fine motor skills, as it is quite tricky, it also really helps with concentration. We developed the activity by colour matching, so depending on what colour tweezers they used depended on what pot they put the seeds in. Word of warning - please do supervise as the seeds are small, but let the heads dry out for a few days after you've pruned them and before using them, they become easier to pick! I also think that the children were quite amazed at getting a close up view of the sunflower. 

Our next activity was Pom Pom blowing. I made a maze on one of the Tuft trays set up some straws and pom poms. The idea was for the children to blow the pom poms around the maze, through the tunnels etc. This strengthens the muscles in their face - to help with communication but also it is just GREAT FUN! There were a lot of flying pom poms. 












It's really great getting to know this new group of children and understanding what they like and don't like. 

Our sign of the week was 'FRUIT' this is maybe a sign you get to use a lot or maybe not. But it's definitely a good one to remember. 



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