The Gruffalo

We seem to be doing a bit of a Julia Donaldson binge at Play Plus and it is not something I am ashamed of. Her books are amazing and allow for so much creativity and imaginary play. You get sent into a world where animals talk and where incredible creatures like the Gruffalo appear from no where and seem normal next to a fox, snake and owl!! 


So this week was no exception, I know I have just as much fun as the children planning these sessions as they have playing with the activities. 

And these are definitely some activities that you can do at home to extend your child's imagination after reading this fab book. 

The most played with activity was the owl ice-cream, yes you heard me right. (Please don't worry there were no owls hurt in the making of this ice-cream). 


Now I used a kit from ikea, which is for sand play. But you could just as easily make some cones from card or use a few real icecream cones. We also used cotton wool and pom poms to add colour. This activity helped the children in so many ways - one little boy was handing out ice creams to everyone around, so it helped his confidence. It's tricky scooping up cotton wool, gross motor skills were enhanced and fine motor skills came into play when picking up those pesky little pom poms. And of course that imagination was put to good use! 

We also had a go at making Gruffalo crumble. This was a tad messy but hey mess is GOOD! 



I used wheat free flour and porridge oats gave gave some measuring spoons and pots and we were served some yummy crumbles! This is a great sensory activity for those that need that sensory input. But also learning how to move a material from one pot to another is such a key skill to learn. Especially those tiny pots. Just think add in some stewed apple and some butter and your little one could be serving you pudding in a few years time. 

I slightly glossed over the part in the book about Roasted fox, but we did decorate our Play Plus stage ready for performing some of our stories in a few weeks time. 


Now our scrambled snake was more the snake scrambling to get away from all the bugs and the children! This was such fun and the children enjoyed exploring the different leaves I'd hidden in the leaves. 


Now I didn't realise that there is actually a Gruffalo song! Which of course we learnt and signed along to. You can learn the signs and the song along with Julia Donaldson on It's a great song which has been in my head all week! 

We also shared our sign of the week, which is 'House' or 'Home'. This is definitely one you can slip into conversation this week.