We did it

Imagine the scene, its 6am and the rest of my house hold is snoozing away. I creep downstairs and fill up on my runners breakfast ready for the start in 3 hours time. Continue reading

Race day is upon us

It's the night before the big day and I'm still up! I don't know if it's all the carbs I have been eating since the snow arrived or the anticipation of tomorrow. Either way, I really need to go to bed soon  Continue reading

Let it snow

I was woken with a start on Wednesday by my eldest shouting "look its been snowing" and me jumping out of bed to check it was true. Continue reading

Only 1 week away

We are now one week away from the start of the Big Half and the nerves are now well and truly kicking in. Where on earth did the time go? Continue reading

Panic stations everyone

So imagine the scene, it's a perfectly normal school morning (well the usual rush out the door trying not to forget anything or anyone) and then I get home to the post, and everything changes! Continue reading

What! Only 2 weeks left!

Ohh heck, only 2 weeks before the big day - when did that happen? Continue reading

Training so far - 9 weeks left

Do a half marathon they said, it will be fun they said!! Continue reading

Why we are running

As with any challenge we always like to challenge our self's a little further and this year our team are doing just that. Continue reading

Meet our runners

Our search is over, our runners have been found. Continue reading

Calling all runners

Ever thought about taking on a new challenge for the New Year? Ever thought about how you can help the local community? Well now’s your chance.   Continue reading