Squash and a Squeeze

The weather might have turned a little bit chilly, (you have to admit it helps us feel a little more festive), but Play Plus has welcomed parents/carers and children in from the cold. 


On Monday we spent our time looking at the great book by Julia Donaldson ‘Squash and a squeeze’. For those of you who haven’t read it, the little old lady gets very sad that her house isn’t big enough so a wise old man gives her some advise and as you can imagine the outcome is a little chaotic, but also the little old lady learns a valuable lesson! 

It’s full of animals, so great for signing along to and by the end the lady is full of frolics and fiddle de dee’s, so you can have a little dance with the old lady. 



Our first activity, was painting with clown noses. Yes I did order these a while back for circus day and yes they did only arrive last week, but what a great activity for ‘Squash and a Squeeze’ squishy noses. Just dip the noses in the paint and dab away. The kids loved this, and we had some great patterns. 


We also had some Kinetic sand and animals. The animals were great for stomping all over the sand and what I loved was some of the accessories became a Paw Patrol pup pad. Kids have such amazing imaginations.


This was one of my favourite activities and so good for fine motor skills. I stuck bubble wrap to the table and the children were able to pop the bubble wrap, stomp things over it. We also stuck stickers to the fake grass and the grass just feels great!! Another way you can help with fine motor skills, is put masking tape over the bubble wrap and they can spend time pulling it up. 

But I think the children’s favourite activity was this one...


They were given Duplo pieces, pipettes and water. The children could fill up the pipettes with the water and then either just fill the bricks or fill up the holes in the bricks. Water play is always so much fun! 

We also opened door number one on our Makaton Christmas Advent calendar. This week’s sign was Christmas, I wonder what it will be on Monday? 





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