Snail and the Whale

This is one of my all time favourite story books. The pictures are gorgeous and the story is brilliant, about how even if you are small/young you can still achieve great things. Which is a great message for the kids who come to Play Plus, because they are all brilliantly capable of achieving things, like signing for the first time in a session (there was a slight tear in my eye when this happened today). So if you have never read it before grab a copy and read it with your little ones. (Don't worry I haven't completely given the story away!) 


Meet our Snail and Whale, they helped us with our story today. We had magnifying glasses to find the snails 'itchy foot'. 


Our imaginations were able to travel around the world today, slip down a water slide and we were free to design our own world. We even made snails out of clay well my snail was taken apart!! 

Once again the favourite activity was the water tray. (Iforgot to take pictures when it looked prettier) but as you can tell it was very well played with! 


The water was coloured with blue food colouring and I wrapped a tray in foil to give it a shimmery look. The fish I bought slipped effortlessly down the slide and into the water. Even without the volcano, this would have been fun. 

An easy activity for you to do at home is paint the world. 

We use paint dabbers rather than paint and paint brushes because they potentially are cleaner (unless you have a ferocious dabber, then paint splats can be seen for miles around) and they are just really fun. They are definitely worth the money and they last for ages. 

I laid out some paper plates and they could splat away. It's a really nice effect and if you want to be really creative you could make all the planets!! 


So if you want to do some signing along with the story then here is the sign for whale...


I know this weeks sign isn't really a sign you will use in every day life, but it is a fun one to do! 

Next week is the bank holiday, so there won't be any Play Plus, but we will be back on the 14th May. So have a nice bank holiday and we'll see you soon. 


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