Digital mums win Sainsburys Charity of the Year vote


Local parenting and mums Facebook forums secured victory for the Big Red Bus Club in Charlton’s Sainsbury Charity of the Year vote. The traditional coin in a box method of voting was overtaken by local parents who voted en masse online. 
In what was a nail biting close finish, Big Red Bus Club Charlton, which recently became a charity in December 2016, saw off the closest competition by only 14 votes.
Emily Frith, local mum and administrator for Charlton Mummies and Daddies Facebook Group of over 1,000 local online parents said, “As a local parent myself, I know how important it is to support local charities that work in our community and support my children. The Big Red Bus Club is a lovely place and run and led by local volunteers like me – just parents giving their time. “
Sarah Smith, BRBC chair notes, “ We run free daily stay and plays for local families with children under five. It’s hard to find free things to do, and that’s why Sainsburys' support means so much to us. As a small local charity we hope that this year will be a great springboard for us to work with Sainsburys for the future.”
Local mum and social media guru Nichola: