Running in the rain

It has been a mixed bag in terms with the weather again. The week started off nice and mild (with a bit of sun) and has ended up quiet grey.

That wasn't going to stop us this morning though, I had a pyramid session planned and we were all keen to start before the heavens opened. Now don't worry, it isn't a strange selling scheme from the 90's, it's a fantastic session to build on strength, stamina and endurance.

As always we warmed up outside club and today I added a little extra fun activity at the end which involved a lot of waving of arms!!. From there we took a short jog up to Charlton House, and to our usual spot under the line of trees. After a quick chat to remind us of what our goals were, we started. And so did the rain, but that didn't put any of the ladies off, they kept going and kept positive that the rain would clear.

Sure enough as we got half way through the session, the clouds parted and out came the sun. It seemed that this was short lived and no sooner had we got going on the last of our loops the rain started again. We persisted and made it through the session without getting to wet.

After a quick cool down stretch we headed back to club before starting our chores for a Thursday.

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