Robot Rumpus

You know you have the best job in the world, when you get to read the books you love. And this weeks one is no exception! 'Robot Rumpus' by Sean Taylor, is a great book, and 7 robots that are left to babysit and the inevitable chaos that ensues! 


So we had a lot of robot fun this week. Starting with our ROBOT FACTORY....


Now to achieve this we made a very simple robot head, that we could adapt, now for this Tuft tray I did pop along to the £ shop for a few bits like fairy lights, spanners and a padlock. But everything else we had in. The kids mainly painted the robot and then stuck things on. But the end result was fab (once again I didn't take a photo of it!!) 

Here is one we did at home to give you a few more ideas...


Basically you can put anything on there and call it a robot factory - they don't even have to decorate the robot, just playing with the different things, can help fine motor skills and you can chat about the different things they are playing with. Obviously put things on there that are age appropriate, my little one is not so little. And always supervise. 

Our talking tile came out again this week - see the sharing a shell blog to find out a bit more information about it. This time we added different colour robots to it. What you can't see here is that we also added some different colour cotton reels to the talking tile and they could match the reels with the robots. 


The kids and the parents enjoyed playing with this! 

Another activity was find the robot. In the story there is a lot of spaghetti involved, so we we hid robots underneath spaghetti (Or wool!) and they had to use tweezers to rescue the robots! In the end it was definitely easier to use our fingers, but we did rescue those robots. There are loads of websites where you can print off pictures of robots, these robots also had letter on. 


The robots that didn't need rescuing from spaghetti, were posted in a tub. It always amazes me how fascinating how many of the children find posting! This is just a used formula tin, which we have cut a slit in, and the number of things that have been posted!! Maybe I should write a blog post just about posting! 


Anyway - I wonder what Robot activities you can come up with. Please share. 

Because there was so much mess in the story our sign of the week this week was 'Clean'. 


It's similar to the letter H, but instead of finishing at the end of your hand you swipe right off your hand. I'm sure this would be a much used sign in any house hold! 

Have a go, you never know you might get some help with the cleaning! 

Have a great week and we'll see you next week for 'Going to school'. 

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