Animal Days Out came with some lovely animals today, we met a ferret, a rat, the biggest rabbit I've ever seen and some lovely Guinea Pigs. But by far the favourite was Velvet the Dog, she charmed all of us!

We had rice and artic animals today, they loved playing with the rice and we had rice angels and rice mice at one point! 
IMG_0737.jpgAdults and Children liked joining together to make our play plus Giraffe! 

To Make at Home Pick up a cheap canvas from somewhere, art supply shops stationary shops sell them. Draw a simple but large picture. A picture that has lots of space to fill up with your tissue paper.IMG_0736.jpgYou can find funky tissue paper in stationary shops, I bought mine from Wilko's. Cut up strips and stick them on with PVA glue, and look at the art work you could create. We used a large canvas because we had a few children, but you can use a smaller one, with Christmas coming up, what a great present it would make! 

Next week we have Lizzie from Global Fusion coming to do some dancing with us, which we are really looking forward to. We are also exploring emotions with emotion dice, emotion puppets, and wooden people! Come and have some emotional fun!


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