Ready Steady Rescue

We continued our paramedic theme today. We had an Ambulance control centre, where they had to take the phone calls from the poorly people and then send an ambulance to the right house. We also had paramedic badges for each person, which they wore with pride! 


This would be a great role play area to set up at home. I just used an old computer keyboard and some old phones, and I printed some maps and incident forms. You can print the paramedic badges here. You can add more office supplies to encourage writing. We also had a table with a doctors kit and some poorly babies that by the end of the session were feeling much better. 


I bought some extra bandages and plasters in Wilko's, which the kids loved wrapping round the dolly's. Plasters are also a really great activity to help with their fine motor skills, and it's fun! 

Keri from Safety First came today and showed us how to put on a sling and a bandage, and I was unfortunate enough to have accidentally cut my arm (don't worry it's fake blood!) and the children were able to bandage me up. 


Some of them learnt the number to call in an emergency and we practiced this by finding the number on the phone. 

Our tuft tray was very much enjoyed today, we had some happyland people and a map, which I drew on with chalk. I left the chalk out and they enjoyed drawing on the map. 


We had a look at our sign of the week, which is 'Help'. 


We're on our Holidays next week as it's half term so we will see you on the 19th of February, where we will be visiting the Antarctic! 

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