Playing Libraries

I love going to the library, mainly because it means we get a fresh hit of books to read each evening. My little one enjoys going because he always manages to get the librarian to let him stamp the books at the end of our visit. We also love reading together, and he's getting into reading, so I’ve been trying to find ways of encouraging more of a love of books.

At our last visit to the library, my little one asked if we could buy a date stamp and yesterday in Poundland we found these stamps. I know they are not date stamps but they have a similar action and date stamps are not very cheap and it might be a one time game!

So it pushed me into action and I’ve made a whole set of library cards, borrowing record slips and even a scanner (I might need to work on my scanner though!)


I made the scanner out of a yogurt pot and some card, but you can probably come up with something better.

I’ve since laminated the library cards, hopefully this will make them last a little longer. And yes the QR code works too.


I will spend time sticking the borrowing record cards in our books with my LO, and he can choose which ones go in our library. I just used a small bit of glue to stick them in.

If you want to have a go at playing libraries, then here is the PDF for you to print off the different things. 

Have fun!




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