Making a Yeti

Today's video is all about making a Yeti or snow monster.    You'll need some cardboard, paint, glue, cotton wool and a pen.  Continue reading

Make a fish

Today in story time we are reading a great book by Peter Bently called 'Cats Ahoy'. It's a group of cats who try to find a ship full of fish.  Continue reading

Skipping Rope and Ball Roll

If you are looking for quick and simple ideas to help with fine motor skills, then have a go at this.  All you need is a... skipping rope (or some thick rope) and make it into a spiral a small ball Continue reading

Humpty Dumpty Craft Video

Today our story 'Dear Mother Goose'  includes a letter from Humpty Dumpty. To register and join todays story click here... He's sad because he keeps falling off walls and getting cracked, so Mother Goose suggests that maybe he should sit on an egg cup instead of a wall!! What a great idea! Continue reading

The Tiger who came to Tea

Here are two fun activities based on the book 'The Tiger who came to tea".  If you don't have the book at home - have a look on Youtube. But also you don't have to have read the book to do the activities.  Continue reading

Finger Signing the Alphabet

Are you interested in learning to Finger Spell?  Continue reading

'There's a monster in my house'

On Friday 1st May at 1.30pm (Click for the link to register) Lydia and Mandy from Play Plus will be reading book called 'There is a monster in my house'. It's a fab book where a little girl thinks there are lots of monsters in her house, but are there...?  We will be sharing signs based on the book and having a little sing along too, so why not join us. Continue reading

Homeschooling Schedule example

We've had a lot of people ask recently about what is an appropriate schedule during lock down.  Can we just mention here, this is just our opinion and it is a schedule that has worked in our homes.  Continue reading

Now and Next

Here at Play Plus we love a Now and Next board.  It is a great resource for children with SEND, but also for children without additional needs who are just struggling at the moment with their parent or carer being their teacher!  Continue reading

Invitation to Play

I don’t know about you, but my little one will not go to a box of toys and get one out and play with it! I thought this is how kids play or at least some do.  So a way I’ve found to combat this is to set up invitations to play. So what are they…?  An 'invitation to play' is a concept derived from the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. The Reggio philosophy encourages children to learn through exploration, by providing  materials that 'invite them to play' in a creative, non-directive way, with no criteria for success.From   Continue reading