Panic stations everyone

So imagine the scene, it's a perfectly normal school morning (well the usual rush out the door trying not to forget anything or anyone) and then I get home to the post, and everything changes!

Do you know what was in the post? Nope, not an overdue library book bill. Try again! No, still not right, not the dreaded credit card bill! Shall I tell you? Ohh ok then, it was my race pack for the Big Half on 4th March. Now usually I get all excited about getting any of my race packs, but this one seems to bring a lot more pressure than any others that have landed on my door mat.

As with any run, the more you practice, the more you feel ready to take on the challenge ahead of you. Well that's the plan anyway. With this run its not only this, but it is also because I am running for Bus Club and raising money for them. The pressure of running is enough for anyone, so with this added to it, you can imagine what the nerves are like.

Apart from the nerves, there are some excited tummy rolls hiding in there too. Many of my runs take me away from home and to parts of the country that aren't so easy for the whole family to come along (lets face it, would you want to stand waiting in a field for longer than you want with 2 over excited boys?). So it means I often go, run and come back all alone. This however will be different, I will be able to get to the start line using good old London transport and will be finishing up the road from where I live. How lucky am I? Very I would say.

So this time I will make sure I enjoy the whole day, look out for anyone who knows me and make sure I smile at every camera I see on my way round. If you do happen to be in London and around the area during the run, look out for the whole team, give everyone a cheer and if you can spare a few pennies for a very good cause.



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