Only 1 week away

We are now one week away from the start of the Big Half and the nerves are now well and truly kicking in. Where on earth did the time go?

I am positive I only signed us all up for this yesterday and we had months, and months ahead of us. It turns out this is simply not true and this time next week we will not only have made our way round the course, but will be sitting proudly at home with our medals. 

This weekend was one of my last long training run before I embark on my not so well planned row of running weekends. So I thought I would take advantage of the unexpected sunshine and headed out on my new route. Despite being freezing it was so nice to to be out in the sun, but it seemed that this wasn't meant to be my run day.

I started off from home and headed off towards my usual Parkrun before continuing my long run round the parks of South East London. After escaping the kids and remembering my bits and bobs, I left later than I wanted and got to Parkrun in time to see the leading group about to finish. I carried on regardless and set about doing my 2 laps of the park. I thought by the time I had got round I had missed the finish line, but it turned out I wasn't quiet the last and I got a time.

From there I decided to plod on my way, but sadly it seemed that this run wasn't going to be a smooth one. I got half way and that little running devil on my shoulder started talking, swiftly followed by my legs. I know some runs can be like this, but it isn't something that you want to happen at this stage. So instead of carrying on I decided to head home to that hot cross bun that was calling my name. Even though it was a bad run, and I did kick myself for it, I had a cuddle with my boys while tucking into my bun and put it behind me, my next run will be a good one.

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