The Cave

Check out Aum and our very hungry wolf on his journey to lure a tasty small creature from out of the Cave. Did the wolf get his tea? Aum  read this colourful tale at 1.30pm Thurday 19 March 2020  You also might want to check out artsy mums website for a whole range of donut themed activities including a very fun looking recycled CD donut craft activity here>>

You're Called What?

  On Friday afternoon at 1.30pm on the 20th March read 'You're called what?" Catch up with the recording and meet the great an all star cast of charaters including Ice Cream Cone Worm, Monkeyface   Prickleback, Pink  Fairy Armadillo read by the rather unexcitedly named Lydia Lings.  Click here for the story>>  Lydia set an activity during the story: Why don’t you have a look online (with the person looking after you) at what these animals look like in real life… The blue footed booby The Tasselled Wobbegong The Secretary Bird Winkle The Bone eating Snot Flower worm The Fried Egg Jelly Fish The Monkey Faced prickleback The Cockapoo The shovel nose Guitar Fish The Pink Fairy Armadillo The Ice Cream Cone Worm And the Aha Ha Wasp Then once you’ve done that why don’t you make up your own interesting creature! - What will you call it?

Online daily stories 1.30pm

  Join the Big Red Bus team online at 1.30pm every week day for songs & stories and to share our best stay at home activities, as we experiment with going online.  Our first story Peace at Last, read by Annie,  follows poor old Daddy Bear and his nocturnal adventure trying to get some sleep in the noisest house in the world! Find us by clicking this link at 1.30pm on Wednesday 18 March- please log on promptly, so we can all say hi before we start the story!