Yikes Ticklysaurus Monday 30 March

Catch up with Lydia reading on Monday 30 March at 1.30pm as she explores the historically accurate world of palaeontology as she reads Yikes Ticklysaurus, shares signs and tickles her way through the Jurassic landscape.  Continue reading

5 Minutes Peace Tuesday 31 March

Join Leanne at 1.30pm on Tuesday 31 March as she joins Mummy Large's ongoing search for mindfullness, Zen fullfillment and a nice warm bath.    Continue reading

Big Red Bath Friday 3 April

Come and join our celebrity reader Mandy Friday 3rd April at 1.30pm for Zoom interactive storytelling as she jumps into her bath with Lydia, a hippo, a lion, a giraffe and whoever else needs a good scrub.  Continue reading

Mr Hippo is Happy Thursday 2 April

Join Aum and Abbie reading Mr Hippo is Happy on Thursday 2nd Aprill at 1.30pm. Hippo feels a bit sad can Puppy help think of things to turn that frown upside down? Continue reading

You can't fit and elephant on a bus Wednesday 1 April

Join Annie and her band, on Wednesday 1st April, as they explore the limitations of our modern transport system as they explore putting an elephant on a bus, a Whale on a bike or Giraffe in an areoplane.    Continue reading

Oi Frog

Where do you like to sit? Catch up with Clare as she read Oi Frog Friday 27 March at 1.30pm and find out where Frog likes to sit as she reads a book dedicated to comfortable bottoms of the animal kingdom, Greenwichs very own David Attenborough. ?  https://zoom.us/rec/share/-N5kM7vf1DlJfIXc2mviBf5-Htzfeaa82yIW-qFbxU8rcBSnl--r6fezg1F19SyS?startTime=1585315222000 Continue reading


Join Aum and her scary and fearsome mouse buddy as they stomp through the woods and meet a bunch of woodland creatures which was read on 1.30pm Thursday 26th March.      Continue reading

The was an old lady that swallowed a fly

Annie and helpers sang the ballad of The Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly, at 1.30pm Wednesday 25 March. This tragic tale is not for the faint hearted for either the content of the tale or the quality of the singing.  Join Annie here https://youtu.be/HGsgyBvhIig?t=245 At the end of this very boring teachers pack on page 18 onward there are some great print and cut out puppetshttps://ptc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/The-Old-Lady-Education-Pack.pdf

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Leanne followed  a very little and hungry caterpillar as he munched through his five a day healthy eating plan on the 1.30pm Tuesday 24th March you can see how they got on here>>Probably the greatest artwork ever created for a page, try your hand at some of the greatest activities around, from egg box caterpillars to well paper plate caterpillars. https://www.weareteachers.com/very-hungry-caterpillar-activities/

Wonky Donkey Mon 23 March

Feeling a bit dumpy and grumpy stuck at home come be be a bit more funky and spunky by then watch Lydia reading the hilarious fast paced Wonky Donkey on 1.30pm on Monday 23rd March.  https://zoom.us/rec/share/4sxeIazO-VpIZpHP7BH6X4N-QcPbX6a8hiEZ8vULyuc2TEyYGXYAS_J45dXW1pc Why not make a puppet beforehand and share it at story time? Heres a template http://mylittlebookcaseforkids.blogspot.com/2010/10/make-your-own-winky-wonky-donkey-puppet.html Have a listen to the Wonky Donkey Song on youtube. Can you sing along?  https://youtu.be/SDeQT9zCvi4 How about play a game of pin the tail on the donkey? All you need is… a picture of a donkey a piece of string or ribbon with some blu tac on the end  And a blind fold  What you do is… Put a blind fold on someone and spin them around (gently) Then see where they pin the tail on the donkey!