Little Rabbit Foo Foo Tuesday 14th April

Join Leanne and her two little bunnys at 1.30pm Tuesday 14 April as she reads and sings her way through the classic tale of Little Rabbit Foo Foo a little rabbit with big anger issues.Who will protect the field mice? Find out on what could be the most exciting ballad since Bohemian Rhapsody. Continue reading

The Frog Prince

Princess Poppy would rather eat her toenails then marry prince Humperdink, but she only has a few hours to find the perfect prince. Even worse, she’s being followed around by a talking frog. Join Aum to find out what happen Thursday  16th April at 1.30pm     Continue reading

Were going on an egg hunt Monday 13 April

Join Lydia and our lovely online community on Monday 13 April at 1.30pm for a fantastic Easter Egg hunt romp through the world of eggs and numbers, as she reads 'We're going on an Egg Hunt'. Continue reading

Choo Choo Clickety Clack Wednesday 15 April

Join Annie at 1.30pm Wednesday 15 April for noisy live story telling as we explore the sounds of planes, trains and automobiles as well as some other modes of transport. A perfect book for those missing the roar of the engines and the beep beep of impatient car drivers outside your window. Continue reading

I really want the cake Friday 17 April

How do you resist the most amazing cake ever? Especially when your mum has left a note saying that you MUST NOT eat the cake? Join Mandy and Lydia as they try their hardest not to eat the cake in their live story telling session on Friday 17th April. Continue reading

The Very Lazy Ladybird Tuesday 7 April

Join Leanne and two little 'helpers' for live storytelling, activities and songs on Tuesday 7 April at 1.30pm as they meet The Lazy Ladybird. The Lazy Ladybird likes to sleep all day and all night. And because she sleeps all day and all night, she doesn't know how to fly. So when she wants to find somewhere new to sleep she decides to catch a lift on a passing animal.   Continue reading

Lula and the Sea Monster Friday 10 April

Come along and join our online community for storytime at 1.30pm  Friday 10 April as Namrata reads Lula and the Sea Monster.  Lula lives in a house next to the beach with her family, Lula is desperate to protect the beach and its wildlife, but how will a small girl like her be able to do it? Don’t forget to get creative making Sea animal in your imagination and show us after story. Continue reading

Wendels Workshop Mon 6th April

Join Lydia on Monday 6 April at 1.30pm, join other families for interactive storytelling of Wendels Workshop the tale of a intelligent young mouse that builds Wendelbot, perhaps not as helpful as it seems. Continue reading

Sharing a Shell Wednesday 8 April

Join Annie and friends as they read Sharing a Shell at 1.30pm Wednesday 8 April. How will the inhabitants of a rock pool survive after the loss of thier homes? Can they pull together to start a new life?  Continue reading

The Tale of The Naughty Rabbit Thursday 9 April

  Join Aum as she reads The Tale of A Naughty Rabbit at 1.30pm on Thursday 9 April. There aren't many stories about naughty rabbits. That's because rabbits usually know how to behave themselves. But not this one. This is the story of a very naughty little rabbit who becomes quite fat after sneaking under a gate, and stumbling into a huge vegetable patch. Continue reading