Snail and the Whale Wednesday 29 April

Join Annie at 1.30pm on Wednesday 29 April as we read the Snail and the Whale. Meet snail, the Mollusc Palin of the animal kingdom and Whale part friend, part mode of transport, for a modern tail of far flung lands, adventure and happy travel companions.  Continue reading

Three Little Pigs Thursday 30 April

Join Aum and Abbie Thursday 30 April at 1.30pm as they will read the lovely fairy tale “The three little pigs” when their mum's house becomes too small, the three little pigs have set out to build homes of their own. Little do they know a big bad wolf is right behind them.   Continue reading

The Gruffulos Child Tuesday 28 April

 Join Leanne at 1.30pm on Tuesday 28 April as she reads the Gruffalos Child, a wintry adventure that would warm the cockles of even the coldest heart.   Continue reading

There is a monster in my house Friday 1 May

 Join Lydia and Mandy as they lift the flaps on 'There's a Monster in my house' at 1.30pm Friday 1st of May. Find out all about whats lurking in Millys House with this cheerful tale full of suspense and drama. Continue reading

Blown Away Monday 27 April

 Join Lydia at 1.30pm on Monday 27 April on a windy, blustery day as she gets out her kite and goes on adventure with her friend the penguin and some of his friends. Set aside the geographical inconsistencies of the unlikely friendship of a penguin and polar bear during our interactive community storytelling session.  Continue reading

Give Peas a Chance Monday 20 April

Join Lydia on Monday 20 April at 1.30pm as she twists and turns her way around the vegetable toddler dilema of our age, to eat the pea or to not eat the pea. Lydia will be reading Give Peas a Chance, a book with one of the greatest plot twists at the end since Murder on the Orient Express. Continue reading

Handas Surprise Wednesday 22 April

Join Annie on Wednesday 22 April at 1.30pm as she reads Handas Surprise. Handa the heroine of the tale takes a journey to visit her best friend laden with fruit, but will she and her gifts get there?  Continue reading

Duck in the Truck Tuesday 21 April

Join Leanne and her two little ducklings at 1.30pm on Tuesday the 21st April as they read Duck in the Truck. This cautionary tale of Duck and his farmyard friends is a great advert for car breakdown services.  Continue reading

There was an old lady that swallowed a fly 24th April

Join Annie and Namrata on Friday 24 April at 1.30pm  as they sing, read and dance thier way through There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. A tragic ballard and cautionary tale of gluttony and poor health choices - a perfect after Easter anecdote and health kick. Continue reading

Goldilocks and the three bears Thursday 23 April

Join Aum at 1.30pm on Thursday 23 April as she retells the story of the nations most infamous tale of trespass, vandalism and theft; Golidlocks and the Three Bears. Continue reading