The Tiger Who Came to Tea Tuesday 12 May

Join Leanne and her two tiger cubs at 1.30pm Tuesday 12 May as she takes us back to our student days with a guest that eats every thing and trashes the house. Continue reading

Cats Ahoy Monday 11 May

Join Lydia as she  reads Cats Ahoy on Monday 11 May at 1.30pm. Lydia learns about a fearsome bunch of villainous cats in the greatest heist adventure of to hit the high seas. This is a quieter story that shares signs. Continue reading

Robot Rumpus Wednesday 13 May

Join Annie on Wednesday 13 May at 1.30pm for Robot Rumpus, a tale of a robot babysitter which unsurprisingly doesn't end well. Continue reading

Ready Steady Rescue Thursday 14 May

Join Aum and her mission 1.30pm Thursday 14th May as she reads “Ready Steady Rescue” essential for young vehicle-lovers! There's no time to waste! NEE-NAW, NEE-NAW off we go! No emergency is too big for these brave rescue vehicles - join in the action as they save the day!       Continue reading

The story of a mole who knew it was none of his business Friday 15 May

Join Mandy and Lydia and they speak and sign thier way through The Story Of The Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business at 1.30 Friday 15 May  Continue reading

Dear Mother Goose Monday 4 May

Join Lydia at 1.30pm on Monday 4 May as she reads Dear Mother Goose, Agony aunt Mother Goose helps Humpty Dumpty conquer his fear of falling and Little Miss Muffet deal with an over-friendly spider. A quiet story with sharing signs. Continue reading

The Stickman Tuesday 5 May

Join Leanne and her two little twiglets at 1.30pm on Tuesday 5 May as they find out about the kidnapping of Mr Stick and his powerful journey to be reunited with his Stick family.  Continue reading

Mrs Honeys Hat Thursday 7 May

Join Aum 1.30pm Thursday 7 May at she joins Mrs Honey for her week of exciting activities and her glorious hat as she reads Mrs Honeys Hat.  Continue reading

Billy Goats Gruff Friday 8 May

Join Annie 1.30pm Friday 8 May as we retell the classic tale of a very hungry troll who gets tricked by three rather clever and tasty goats.  Continue reading

Mr Chicken lands in London Wednesday 6 May

Join Annie and Mr Chicken at 1.30pm on Wednesday 6 May as they explore the greatest city on earth, London and form a sing-a-long at home marching band. 'When a chicken is tired of London, hes is tired of life' Samuel Johnson speaking the truth since September 20, 1777.  Continue reading