Dinosaur beach Monday 25 May

Join Lydia as she speaks and signs the story Dinosaur Beach on Monday 25 May, join the farmer and his dinosaur pals as they head off for a relaxing time on the Jurassic coast. Continue reading

Room on the Broom Tuesday 26 May

Join Leanne and her two little familiars as they read the classic cautionary tale of hazardous transport overcrowding, Room on the Broom, 1.30pm Tuesday 26 May.  Continue reading

How many legs? Wednesday 27 May

Join Annie at 1.30pm on Wednesday 27 May as she reads How many legs? A book of mathematical marvels and biology in the animal kingdom.  Continue reading

A bed of your own Friday 29 May

Join Lydia and Mandy as they snuggle down and share a bed with some unlikely bed fellows, and read A Bed Of Your Own, at 1.30pm on Friday 29 May. Continue reading

Bird Hugs Thursday 28 May

Join Aum on Thursday 30th May as she will take you to visit Bernard the bird who isn't like other birds. His wings are impossibly long, and he just can't seem to fly. He’s left wondering what his wings are good for if they're even good for anything at all!?     Continue reading

Spaghetti with a yeti Monday 18 May

Join Lydia on Monday 18 May on 1.30pm as she reads Spaghetti with the Yeti, a delicious romp through on of the most dreaded meals in the early years recipe book for those with magnolia carpets. Continue reading

Roar Wednesday 20 May

Join Annie as she reads ROAR at 1.30pm on Wednesday 20 May a loud exploration of the noises of the animal kingdom.  Continue reading

The Zoo Vet Thursday 21 May

Join Aum on Thursday 21st May as she will read “The Zoo Vet” who treats lots of poorly animals and finds the right cure for each one. By the end of a busy week, we discover that the poor vet is poorly too! What will happen to him, join Aum and find out.    Continue reading

Mr Large in Charge Tuesday 19 May

Join Leanne and her two little calfs as they read Mr Large is in Charge at 1.30pm on Tuesday 19 May. Set aside any gender role concerns as Mrs Large takes to her bed and Mr Large takes charge of the house and kids.  Continue reading

The Enormous Turnip Friday 22 May

Join Annie for the classic tale of agricultural strife 1.30pm Friday 22 May as she reads The Enormous Turnip. Continue reading