Oi Frog

We hopped back into action here at Play Plus after being on Holiday for a few weeks. It was so lovely to see everyone. 

Our story of the week was Oi Frog by Ket Gray and Jim Field, this is a favourite book of mine, but I think some found it a little confusing, because let's face it Lions don't really sit on Irons (you'll have to read it to find out!) 


But having said that it did inspire lots of fun activities, where we found out lots about Frogs. 

We had a great time finding out about the Lifecycle of the frog and learning about the different stages, we then could decorate them with our new Easy Painters from Early Learning Centre.


We also had to help Freddy and Freida get to their Lilly Pads, as they were far away from home. This was a great activity to help with pen control and line drawing and after we could colour in the frogs. This can be so easily done at home with a big bit of paper, and as you can see your drawing doesn't have to be perfect!


Our two tuft trays today also were frog themed, one helped us sing the '5 little speckled frogs song'.


Whilst the other had some fake Frog Spawn.


You can do this one at home: Don't worry if you don't have a tuft tray, use a roasting tin or a serving tray and cover it with cooked Giant Cous Cous, I bought a pack from Aldi for 89p and cooked the whole bag. It felt very squishy and if I'm honest quite weird, but its great for scooping and squishing. We put pots, frog and spoons to play with the frog spawn, but you can use anything. Out of this you can talk about Frog Spawn, how it feels, the frog life cycle and much more. You can even have some fun singing! And whilst you are signing you can learn to sign FROG...


Come along next week when we read 'The Tiger who came for Tea' decorate some biscuits and Amber from Relax Kids is coming too. 



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