French Toast



Whether you call it French toast or eggy bread, in our house it has become a Sunday morning breakfast feast. Something my husband loves to do with our boys on a Sunday morning, while I go out running. However this weekend I decided that I would treat everyone to a round of eggy bread - my way. 

Earlier in the week there had been a delivery of white bloomers and when I spotted them, I knew exactly what could be done with one. It would be perfect for eggy bread. For those who cook this dish more often than I do, know day old bread is the best type of bread for this and makes the best eggy bread ever.

Now in our house, we have 2 camps for this type of breakfast. The sweet camp and the savoury camp. My boys tend to flit between the two (depending on who they are with), but my husband is firmly in the savoury camp and me in the sweet camp. So as you can imagine I started to raid the fridge and cupboards for as many varieties of toppings as I could. Luckily we were fully stocked and I had lots of choice to meet everyone's tastes. There was no tally done at the end, but I think I can safely say the sweet options were a success and didn't linger long.



Milk Bread



1. Break as many eggs as you feel are needed into a shallow bowl, with a dash of milk and beat together.

2. Slice your bread - if not sliced already.

4. Place your bread into the egg mix, making sure each side is well coated with the mix.

5. In a buttered frying pan, place the bread in and cook until brown on each side.

6. Serve warm with toppings of your choice.

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