Now and Next

Here at Play Plus we love a Now and Next board. 

It is a great resource for children with SEND, but also for children without additional needs who are just struggling at the moment with their parent or carer being their teacher! 

Is this scenario familiar...

Dad: It's time to do some of our class work.

Kid: In a minute, i'm just finishing this level

Dad: We really need to start now, I have a conference call in 30 mins.

Kid: I don't wanna do my school work. I'm not coming.

Dad: (Voice getting louder) You need to come now! 

And so it goes on. 

In comes the now and next board


This is a great tool to visually represent, what we are doing now and what they can do next. Children don't have a great sense of time. What they are doing in this minute is far more exciting than what you could possibly be offering them. They also might think, when you say we are doing school work, that is it for the rest of the day! 

But this is a reminder that, we will do some school work, or tidy the bedroom etc, but next you can do something different. 

We also use a timer as well - so even if we haven't finished that particular bit of work, as soon as the timer has stopped so does the work and they can move onto the next activity! And make sure you stop when the timer stops, so that your child can trust that, that is what happens all the time. 

You can make a now and next board on a white board, so you just draw on the things as they come up or just using a piece of paper. Draw Now and Next on the top of the page, with a line down the middle and change it as you do each activity. 

The first few days might still be difficult even with this in place. But stick with it!