Braziliant Bingo Sucess

An incredible night was had by all at Brazilian Bingo Night - with the help of local business and our celebrity Bingo caller Charlton's very own Councillor Allan McCarthy the Big Red Bus Club raised £287. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many local business people including;Ollies Cafe in Charlton Park Play Area for donating a picnicKate Porte of Pheonix Cards for donating a gift boxChu and Cho (Cattleya) for donating a meal for twoJamie Oliver for donating a signed bookand the new Turkish Restaurant Eaturkish on the Lower Road for donating a Kebab feast.Of course the star prize was gifted by Lara at Precious Skin Clinic who gave a facial and a Brazilian wax!

Brazilian Bingo

To celebrate the Big Red Bus Club fair trade tuck shop, we are having a Brazilian Beer and Bingo Night On Friday the 10th March.  

Scarlet Fever

There has been a case of Scarlet Fever at the Big Red Bus ClubWhat is scarlet fever?Scarlet fever is a scattered red rash and high temperature caused by bacteria (Group A streptococci). Occasionally these bacteria can cause kidney or heart complications. Prompt treatment with an antibiotic usually prevents these complications. Treatment will also prevent spread to others.What are the symptoms of scarlet fever?A scattered red rash that is often most marked in the creases of the joints and over the stomach. It usually blanches (goes white) when pressed on. The skin may feel rough to the touch, sometimes described as feeling like sandpaper. Someone with scarlet fever will have evidence of a streptococcal infection somewhere, usually in the throat or sometimes in the skin.What should I do if I think my child has it?If your child develops any of these symptoms bring him/her to your GP for examination. Tell the doctor that another child in the group has had scarlet fever.If my child has scarlet fever what should I do?The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for your child. It is important that your child takes the full course of medicine.Can my child stay in school/ group?Your child can return to school/group  when he/she is well and has finished one full day of antibiotic treatment.What can I do to prevent spread of infection at home?The bacteria are spread through contact with nose and mouth secretions so:•Wash hands thoroughly after wiping nose.•Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food.•Wash dishes well in hot soapy water.•Do not share cups, straws, spoons, eating utensils etc.•Do not share toothbrushes.Thank you for giving this your attention. Your GP will be able advise you.  

Men in Sheds Sandpit

Following on the heels of the fantastic mud kitchen, our friends Men in Sheds have been beavering away in their workshop to create a brand new edition to our outdoor space.And what on earth is better than mud? - Why SAND of course. Our new London Transport Red Bus styled sand pit was officially opened with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.Although many are waiting for a warm day to jump in - lets all celebrate another wonderful donation from the chaps with power tools!

Play Plus gets money for mindfulness from the Postcode Lottery

This term the Big Red Bus Club weekly stay and play for children and their families, Play Plus, has hit the jackpot. With a fantastic grant from the Postcode Lottery, volunteers and families at the Big Red Bus Club have been able to expand the whole group, get some great equipment for children with additional needs and work with a range of therapists to create a mindful and enriching environment. Play Plus is here to support families with children under five, to make friends and get the support they need before, during and after diagnosis. Continue reading

Toddle Waddle 2016

Walk, crawl, or be carried around a circular route of Charlton Park for the second annual Big Red Bus Club Toddle Waddle. Help us raise funds- entry only £2 per child with a reduction for families with four children or more.  Meet us at The Big Red Bus Club at 11am ready to set off at 11:30, then join us with your picnic at 12pm followed by our regular play group until 3pm.  

Summer Opening 2016

Our normal sessions will stop for summer from Wednesday 20th July till Monday 12th August - however volunteers will be opening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and maybe other days throughout so please do keep checking Facebook

Support Sue's fundraising Swim

Local open water swimmer Sue Christiansen intends to dive into the murkey depths of London's Royal Docks in Newham to raise much needed funds for the Big Red Bus Club. Sues amazing swim will take place on the 16th of July. But you can donate now. “I am excited to swim through the bird muck, if this encourages people to give to a great local cause, support the small ones, and me.” As Charlton’s premier open water female swimmer over 27 Sue commented “I am also happy to report that I've had my shots and so should hopefully not come down with any water-borne disease.“ This is your chance to show your support do give whatever you can if everyone of use donated just £2 we would pay our insurance for a year. £10 and we could buy new outdoor toy cars and a sand pit £20 and we could replace all of our windows Please do dig deep and donate today

Mud glorious Mud kitchen

  Local kids put their baking skills to the test today as they tried out the Big Red Bus Club’s new mud kitchen designed and created for us by the great volunteers at Men in Sheds. A huge range of delights worthy of The Great British Bake Off were made, including worm spaghetti, leaf mould pastries and mud cakes. Hours of fun was had as lucky kids took part in a volunteer preview day to test out our great new outdoor resource. As regulars to the Big Red Bus Club know, our summer term will see a return of our Free Friday gardening club and this mud kitchen will be a great addition to our garden and external play spaces. A regular user of the Big Red Bus Club, Oscar Massand, aged two and eight months, said’ “I enjoy playing in the mud kitchen and mixing leaves”. It’s donations like these from Men in Shed’s and Mears, who donated the sink, which means we can stay free and open to all. Thank you.