World Book Week 2018

The Big Red Bus has the pleasure of inviting you to celebrate the World Book Week with fun activities and famous toddler story books and the idea behind this is to provide a platform for readers to swap used books with fellow readers - free of charge 


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How to make a perfect child

I have lovely family.

i like been perfeckt mum. I know it is hard job but try the best.

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Local bikers raise over £3k cycling 100k

Photo_30-09-2017__11_53_26.jpgOn September 30th eight riders undertook a grueling 100 kilometer (65 miles in old money) bike ride in aid of the Big Red Bus Club Stephen Channing Annie Drewry, Matt Drewry, Val Hnachuk, Jay Masand, Ellie O’Leary, Steven Tull and Anthony White.

Although donations are still pouring in the day long ride has raised so far £3067.74 with a noticeable match funding donation of £317.50 from Marex Financial.

The route, which can be viewed online, started on the rolling hills to Gravesend, across the Tilbury Ferry and through the scenic parts of Dagenham and Rainham marshes before heading back to Charlton via the Woolwich Ferry.

View the route on Strava>>

It was a wonderful day, the sun shone, the wind was slight, and the riders enjoyed the day. The support vehicle staffed by Mike Graser and John Keys kept the riders fuelled and in peak physical condition throughout the day.

Val Hnuchuk who neither broke a sweat, or showed any signs of physical exertion lapped the other team members while videoing the whole day. What joy!

Please do take a look here on our Facebook page>>

Big Red Bus Club Chair, Clare Welburn said

"I am delighted with the effort, energy and enthusiasm of the Ferry Good Bike Ride team. Whilst getting fitter and faster on their bikes they have enabled the club to buy new equipment and improve our play centre. I am so grateful to everyone who got involved - whether they rode on the day or were part of the support crew or sponsored the cyclists. It was particularly exciting that two of the team employers were able to match fund their cyclists donations. Thanks again to everyone who made this happen".

Digital mums win Sainsburys Charity of the Year vote


Local parenting and mums Facebook forums secured victory for the Big Red Bus Club in Charlton’s Sainsbury Charity of the Year vote. The traditional coin in a box method of voting was overtaken by local parents who voted en masse online. 
In what was a nail biting close finish, Big Red Bus Club Charlton, which recently became a charity in December 2016, saw off the closest competition by only 14 votes.
Emily Frith, local mum and administrator for Charlton Mummies and Daddies Facebook Group of over 1,000 local online parents said, “As a local parent myself, I know how important it is to support local charities that work in our community and support my children. The Big Red Bus Club is a lovely place and run and led by local volunteers like me – just parents giving their time. “
Sarah Smith, BRBC chair notes, “ We run free daily stay and plays for local families with children under five. It’s hard to find free things to do, and that’s why Sainsburys' support means so much to us. As a small local charity we hope that this year will be a great springboard for us to work with Sainsburys for the future.”
Local mum and social media guru Nichola:

Master Baker 2017


The Greenwich Clandestine Cake Club and the Big Red Bus Club are pleased to announce that Katherine Rowe of Charlton has been awarded Charlton’s Master Baker 2017.

Katherine was just one of the many professional and amateur entrants aged from 2 – 70 years old who fought for the prize. The categories were judged by an incredible team from the Clandestine Cake Club and MasterChef finalists Tony Rodd and Steve Kielty.

Prize Winner of the hotly contested Filled Chocolate Cake category said

"The day was wonderful and it was great to meet other people who loved cake as much as me" 

The first annual Great Charlton Cake Off was organised as part of the Great Get Together celebrating the life of  Jo Cox MP, with prizes and awards handed out by Greenwich and Woolwich MP Matthew Pennycook.  


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City Airport paint the skies glitter blue

Thefonzinthekitchen_600pix.jpgAs part of National Volunteer Week we were very happy to welcome a great team of volunteers from London City Airport. All the volunteers organised by Fabienne Gress, gave up their day to decorate the Big Red Bus Club.

It was an incredible event for everyone involved, filled with good humor and cheer, with a chance to make much needed repairs to the decor of the club, as you can imagine any building frequented by toddlers suffers unique daily traumas.

As most of our local volunteer team have small children, painting and decorating the building is such a challenge, so the huge team from London City Airport were able to contribute in a way that is simply out of the question for many of us.

Armed with brushes and rollers staff from all parts of City Airport painted the whole building Happy Yellow, except of one wall where they contributed their own bit of sparkle.  For more information on Volunteer Week 2017>> or if you are interested in volunteering at the Big Red Bus Club email


Ferry Good Bike Ride 100K

DSC09982.JPGThe Ferry Good Bike Ride will take place on Saturday 30th September starting and finishing at the Big Red Bus Club.

Heading out over the historic Woolwich Ferry, taking in the ancient woodlands of Epping Forest and returning via the jewel of Essex at Tilbury Fort and the modern wonder of Gravesend Ferry and then home to Charlton.

Our ride support team will be on hand throughout the ride and all through the summer months we can provide fundraising support advice and support to get ready for your ride.

You may find this twelve week plan a starting point and local practice rides have already started leaving from the Big Red Bus Club.

British Cycle Training Plan

If you would like to join in please contact  and set up your own local giving page to start fundraising straight away through Local Giving.


Braziliant Bingo Sucess

File_14-03-2017__15_41_59.jpegAn incredible night was had by all at Brazilian Bingo Night - with the help of local business and our celebrity Bingo caller Charlton's very own Councillor Allan McCarthy the Big Red Bus Club raised £287. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many local business people including;
Ollies Cafe in Charlton Park Play Area for donating a picnic
Kate Porte of Pheonix Cards for donating a gift box
Chu and Cho (Cattleya) for donating a meal for two
Jamie Oliver for donating a signed book
and the new Turkish Restaurant Eaturkish on the Lower Road for donating a Kebab feast.
Of course the star prize was gifted by Lara at Precious Skin Clinic who gave a facial and a Brazilian wax!

Brazilian Bingo


To celebrate the Big Red Bus Club fair trade tuck shop, we are having a Brazilian Beer and Bingo Night On Friday the 10th March.


Scarlet Fever

There has been a case of Scarlet Fever at the Big Red Bus Club
What is scarlet fever?
Scarlet fever is a scattered red rash and high temperature caused by bacteria (Group A streptococci). Occasionally these bacteria can cause kidney or heart complications. Prompt treatment with an antibiotic usually prevents these complications. Treatment will also prevent spread to others.

What are the symptoms of scarlet fever?
A scattered red rash that is often most marked in the creases of the joints and over the stomach. It usually blanches (goes white) when pressed on. The skin may feel rough to the touch, sometimes described as feeling like sandpaper. Someone with scarlet fever will have evidence of a streptococcal infection somewhere, usually in the throat or sometimes in the skin.

What should I do if I think my child has it?
If your child develops any of these symptoms bring him/her to your GP for examination. Tell the doctor that another child in the group has had scarlet fever
If my child has scarlet fever what should I do?
The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for your child. It is important that your child takes the full course of medicine.

Can my child stay in school/ group?
Your child can return to school/group  when he/she is well and has finished one full day of antibiotic treatment.

What can I do to prevent spread of infection at home?
The bacteria are spread through contact with nose and mouth secretions so:

Wash hands thoroughly after wiping nose.

Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food.

Wash dishes well in hot soapy water.

Do not share cups, straws, spoons, eating utensils etc.

Do not share toothbrushes.
Thank you for giving this your attention. Your GP will be able advise you.


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