New year’s resolution leek and potato soup

If we are being honest I may of picked up a few extra pounds over Christmas. This week I have been to Large and Legging it and have recommitted to healthy eating, healthy living and remembering to wash my plastic containers before putting them in the recycling bin.

Marks and Spencer’s Neighbourly delivery from Skills and Care this week included a lot of root vegetables that are stodgy enough to fill you up. But as I know from the 17th quality street I consumed last week, every little bite counts. So this leek and potato soup cuts out the sautéing of the leeks and replaces cream/ crème fraiche with zero fat Greek Yogurt.


3 leeks
7 medium sized potatoes
1 pint vegetable stock
Salt & Black pepper
Bouquet Garni
Dried chilli flakes
Tablespoon of yoghurt


1 Chop up the leeks and potatoes put them in a pan with the seasoning, bouquet garni and stock.
2 Bring to the boil and simmer until soft and the stock is a little reduced.
3 Remove the bouquet garni and transfer to the blender.
4 Add chilli flakes, black pepper and fat free yoghurt.
5 Blend. Garnish (chives, croutons, crispy bacon, pancetta) . Eat