Never take a Bear to School

We opened our Play Plus school today (For One Day Only). Our book of the day was 'Never take a bear to school' it's a great book that tells you why you shouldn't take a bear to school, but a handy book to help explain what might happen on your child's first day at school and as number of ours are starting school in September we thought we would start the preparation early. 



We set out a classroom - I know most Reception Class rooms are not set out like this and Yes I realise they don't use chalk boards anymore, but clearly I was having a moment of nostalgia! 

We had a great time writing the register and practicing how to write a tick, and we also had great fun writing on the white boards. I was set the challenge by the children on what equals 7! I think I just about managed it! 

We had two Tuff trays today, both of which would be so easy to set up at home. Now I know that most people don't have tuff trays at home, but even though I do have one at home I often just use a roasting tin I bought from Poundland. 

This is an example of one I set up recently based on the book 'Tidy' by Emily Gravett. 


Just using a Roasting Tin and a Tray was a great invitation to play. 

Both of the activities from today can be easily done in a Roasting tray or a serving tray - whatever you have around. 

Our first tray had porridge oats, scoops and measuring jugs, this tray was definitely a hit today. 



People have asked about the food wastage here, but don't throw it away after - save it in ziplock bag or air tight container and you can keep it for ages. Its a very cheap way of providing sensory play. Some supermarkets sell it for about 40p and you can bring it out time and time again. 

Our second tray (which I forgot to take photos of) was covered in scrap paper and then I squirted paint all over it and placed some cars in the tray. The cars then make some fantastic patterns especially if you use different types of cars (obviously easily clean cars). If you would like a similar activity but less messy, try this one....


Just attach some felt tips to the back of cars making sure the nibs are touching the paper, and as they push them around they can see their art work appear. You could even cover your whole table with paper!! 

We're also really enjoying Duplo at the moment and some of us played with the Duplo Pre school today, it was great fun following the instructions and then playing with the people. 

We are using more and more Makaton in our sessions. Todays sign was 'School'

I wonder if you can use it at some point this week! 



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