Neighbourly Project


Over the last two weeks local charity Skills and Care has been dropping off Marks and Spencer's surplus produce to the Big Red Bus Club. The Neighbourly Project drops surolls products to a number of local charities throughout Greenwich. 

Our users have created a wonderful range of meals and shared their creations on our closed Facebook Group and at the club. 

Nadiya's Brussel Sprout Cheese Muffins and Helen's Banana Ice Cream are just crying out to be shared with the world.  

This blog aims to share the best of the Neighbourly Projects receipes, the hints, cheats and shortcuts we take to make great meals. 


Leek, Potato and Chard Soup

2 Leeks, 4 Potatoes, a bunch of Chard, Chive and Garlic Cottage Cheese, salt and pepper and a vegetable stock cube.

1) Peel and evenly chop Leeks and Potatoes.

2) Put everything but the Cottage Cheese and Chard in a pan, cover with water.

3) Chop up the Chard and put on top of pan.

4) Bring to the boil and simmer till soft.

5) Whizz in blender add a dollop of Cottage Cheese and whizz again.