That’s all folks

Thanks to all the organisation and people that has supported our food surplus project which has now come to an end, it’s been great working with Marks and Spencer, Neighbourly and Skills and Care.  Please do enjoy the recipes, tips and food surplus information we have produced onsite and online. If the opportunity arises in the future to participate in the future we will let everyone know.

Bringing some Mexican heat to a snowy day

It has been so cold and snowy here of late, we have not been able to open club and schools have even closed. Which means we haven't been able to get any of our neighbourly deliveries. Continue reading

Burr it's cold outside

As you may know by now I own a lot of cook books (shh remember don't remind my husband of that fact) and every now and again I will use a recipe from one or two of them. Continue reading

Hooray for bread and butter pudding

Now if you ask me my dad makes the best bread and butter pudding (and if you ask him about it, he is guaranteed to shrug his shoulders and say “it’s a Delia recipe, it’s nothing”). Continue reading

Soup soup parsnip soup

Did you know in Scotland a parsnip is also known as the white carrot? Continue reading

New year’s resolution leek and potato soup

If we are being honest I may of picked up a few extra pounds over Christmas. This week I have been to Large and Legging it and have recommitted to healthy eating, healthy living and remembering to wash my plastic containers before putting them in the recycling bin. Marks and Spencer’s Neighbourly delivery from Skills and Care this week included a lot of root vegetables that are stodgy enough to fill you up. But as I know from the 17th quality street I consumed last week, every little bite counts. So this leek and potato soup cuts out the sautéing of the leeks and replaces cream/ crème fraiche with zero fat Greek Yogurt. Continue reading

Sprouts are not just for Christmas

Apart from bananas, we also get a lot of sprouts in our weekly M&S neighbourly delivery and do you know it is always the last veg to be picked from the box.  Continue reading

Blame the bake off!

I'm sure like most of our volunteers, while I have had a great summer holidays, I have missed club and the Marks and Spencer food deliveries. So imagine our joy as they started again when we returned, and the excitement of what we could make with all the lovely ingredients. Continue reading

Summer Salad

It has been so hot recently, you start to wonder what on earth should you feed the family. Well that has been my question of late and suspect it will be the same question I ask myself as I write my shopping list this week.  Continue reading