Becoming a member

Family members

Aum_and_kids_600.jpgFamily membership is open to all including carers and foster families and is aimed at those who use the Big Red Bus Club.

There is no cost to becoming a member of the Big Red Bus Club, as we develop we will open for members days and events. This is for all those who want to shape the Big Red Bus Club and so we ask that you attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM)>>.

Each family membership will have one vote at the Annual General Meeting ( next one 12pm Friday 18 October 2019).

A register of membership will be kept in the office in compliance with the organisations data protection policy.

Forms can be picked up at the club or downloaded here and returned to the office, click here>>

Associated members

Associate membership will be open to business users of the Big Red Bus Club Charlton Limited that are not ‘family’ members of the children that are users of the service/ paid childcare services. Please note local business' that wish to use the Big Red Bus Club  will be required to register as associated members.

Membership requirements are

-               A registration charge of £25 per calendar year

-               Proof of valid Ofstead registration to be held on a register within the office in compliance of the data protection act.

-               A charge of £2 per child per session to use the facilities.

Associated memberships does not include AGM voting rights.

Forms can be picked up at the center or downloaded here and returned to the office with the annual registration fee, click here>>


Families are welcome to use the core service Mon – Friday term-time only free of charge and without restriction and without membership.