Meet our runners

Our search is over, our runners have been found.

After many weeks, we are pleased to introduce the team of runners who have agreed to take part in this years running challenge. As you will soon see we have some first timers, some with many miles under their belt and some who wanted a challenge for 2018. Through the course of the training you will be hearing more from the team and how they are getting on with their training.


Quirino Brizi

I am an IT person with a passion for running, that goes a long way back. I discovered the Big Red Bus Club when my wife and I had our first daughter, Alessia, 14 months ago. Both my wife and Alessia have enjoyed meeting new friends and playing at the Bug Red Bus Club.

I am a keen runner and what I enjoy the most is the sense of freedom that comes from running outside, as well as the fact that for me it is extemely relaxing. After the Big Hald, my next running challenge will be Rome marathon in April.

Nichola Hardy

I am not a natural runner, so the very fact that I am willing to attempt running a half marathon (13.1 MILES!!!!) just goes to show how much I love The Big Red Bus Club and the amazing work they do. I have seen the benefits that The Big Red Bus Club provides to both its users and volunteers. It offers a completely free service to local families, but it can only keep doing this with the help of donations.

Tara Masand

I am a mum of 2 boys and first discovered the Big Red Bus Club when my youngest son was first born, and have been volunteering since this. During my time at bus club I have not only met some now very good friends, but have also discovered myself again. I feel what the club have done and are still doing for the community is amazing.

I am also a very keen running and have been running on and off for the past 10 years. During this time I have run 4 marathons (with my 5th being this year in Southampton) and a many other distances, and terrains. As part of my running my only challenge is getting round, but this year I decided to challenge myself to also raise money for such a great charity.

Eamonn O'leary

My wife discovered the Big Red Bus Club shortly after my son was born. Through the club she has made some good friends and joined the volunteers and helps with a session during the week.

I am a keen runner and over my many years of running have covered a variety of distances.

Samantha Richardson

I am Sam and I first visited the Big Red Bus Club when my eldest (who is now 6 and a half - where does time go?!) was probably about a year old. I wasn’t a regular visitor, but went along every now and again when I felt like a change of scenery. I always found everyone welcoming and loved the fact that it was there and people were so supportive. I think that has gone on to become even more the case with all the lovely volunteers they count on. The singing group sounds like a fabulous thing for new Mums to get involved in - it’s not easy being a Mum...especially a first time Mum - building up a network of friends is essential to keeping a bit of your personality. Now I’m at the other end - a professional working Mum (to two amazing boys) and it’s still a super tough gig. Juggling everything is tricky and a network of support is just as important - the BRBC offers this to many women (and their partners and parents and anyone else who is helping to bring up kids!) so it is a very worthy cause and one that I am hoping to support through my biggest challenge since having kids....The Big Half!

Running is something I’ve been doing for about a year - it, like the Big Red Bus Club, is a haven. It gives me time to myself and space to run things through in my head. I’ve never done a half marathon so this is a huge challenge for me, but one I am looking forward to! Wish me luck though - I’m going to need it!


So there you go, are runners for this year. We would like to wish them all well and we can't wait to hear more from them as their training progresses.

If you would like to sponsor them please feel free to do so at the following site: