Local 12 year olds will attempt to cycle 60 miles

Anatoliy Hnachuk and Daisy Drewry both only 12 years old will be attempting to ride 60 miles to raise funds for the Big Red Bus Club on the 5th October.

This is a huge task for adults and these kids are undertaking and your support will keep those little legs going.


In 2013 a group of cyclist organised a bike ride to help fund the Big Red Bus Club daily family stay and play for local families and replace the Big Red Bus Club's old and broken heating. 

On a beautiful sunny day loads of small children turned up to wave them off, two of those children only five year olds, who had played as toddlers at the Big Red Bus Club were Anatole and Daisy. Both children as they got older became keen cyclists. 

Today, six years later, they will be joining adult cyclist who will be donning lycra one more time and riding 100k in aid of the Big Red Bus Club.


Daisy and Anatole, both now twelve years old and pupils at the local Royal Greenwich Trust Secondary school, will attempt the gruelling 60 mile ride around London, Kent and Essex. 

The money they raise that you donate, will go directly to the Big Red Bus Club, helping fund the next generation of children like them who will become the cyclist, skaters, skippers and climbers those who come and play every day at the Big Red Bus Club.