Let it snow

I was woken with a start on Wednesday by my eldest shouting "look its been snowing" and me jumping out of bed to check it was true.

Normally I would be like a kid at Christmas about a snow day, but now all I thought was "no run today, now what". Wednesday was meant to be my last short run before the Big Half on Sunday, but with the amount of snow we had during the night that wasn't going to happen. The thought of slipping, sliding and freezing in the snow was not one that appealed to me at all.

Instead the boys and I got changed and headed out in our woollies for a morning of snowman building. I'm thinking of it as cross training. It also re-confirmed that running in the snow is not for me, rain is one thing, but being cold is defiantly not my thing. So as you can imagine once our snowman was built, we were off home for some hot chocolate.

After a night of weather watching, we woke to another cold snowy morning and school cancelled again. Today though it is a very cold and windy day out there, so I made the executive decision that we all stay in doors. The trainers are staying where they are in the porch and I am going to concentrate on carb loading for Sunday. Ohh and I may do a bit of shopping for some snow trainers for our next snow day.

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