Last session of the term

It was the last session of the term and nearly the Easter half term. We didn't have a full house, but did have a good majority of our regular runners.

As it was the last day of the term, we had an run session planned. This session gives us a good idea of how our fitness has come on over the term and how much we have improved since the last time we did the same session.

This time however, we thought we would tackle a 5k route around the area instead of our usual route along the main road. When I mentioned this to the group they really weren't sure they could go the full way, but I was confident in them that they would. We started off on a slow steady pace and started off on our route. We took in the sights of the nearby roads, the neighbouring park and back to the part of our park we know well.

We kept as a group and encouraged each other all the way round. As we neared our meet point we got a little faster and had a little competition to see who could get to the finish line first. After a stretch we all agreed that it was a good route and would make it a permanent feature in our sessions.