Large and Legging it wellbeing session

We thought it would be nice to take a break from our normal run/walk session on a Thursday night and try something different. And what a better way to spend our night, but to learn more about what we can do for our wellbeing along side our Thursday night sessions.

So we invited a local motivational health coach and body massage therapist along for some handy hints and tips when we are not in our trainers.

We started the night with Debo, who told us more about mediation and different visualisation techniques. The aim of both of these is to help us take a different approach to relaxation when we are not running. During Debo's introduction to these techniques, we participated in some mediation and breathing exercises. Which saw us take some time out of our busy thoughts, to empty our minds of any negativity and to think more positively about our forthcoming sessions.

Next up was Sharon with the more hands on part of the night. Not only do we need to look after our bodies by exercising, but we also need to look after our muscles, joints and other body parts. During running or any other forms of exercise, our bodies go through a lot and with Sharon's help we learnt some home massage tips and tricks. This part of the evening saw lots of the ladies take part in a few demo's and learn some self massage exercises.

I think the other ladies will agree, it was a fantastic night and one that I think we will try and do again.


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