Large and Legging it runs the Big Half

Imagine the day - It's damp, windy and grey, not the best weather for a run around London.

But this didn't stop the ladies from the Large and Legging it walk/run group, who lined up with 15000 other runners to complete the 13.1 mile course ahead of them.

Our runners had worked hard in the months leading up to the day and had run many miles around the streets of Charlton and at the Thursday night group in Charlton Park. The project provided each runner with a personalised training plan and everyone attended the sessions with smiles on their faces, even during circuit and hill training in the dark. They were more than ready for the route that lay ahead.

It's incredible to think that many of the group started with no running experience, but although we started at 0-1K, that soon became 1-5k, 5-10k and from there the half marathon doesn't look so terrifying. 

The crowds were out in force along the streets to cheer everyone round, and along with a gap in the wind, all our runners made it round. They all worked so hard and should be so pleased with their achievement.

Well done and we all can't wait for the next challenge.

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