Hills, hills and more hills

This is the session that makes a lot of people run for the hills, but when we have finished we are so glad we found that hill. Continue reading

Back to a new term

As every it was lovely to be back to session after the half term. Continue reading

Last session of the term

It was the last session of the term and nearly the Easter half term. We didn't have a full house, but did have a good majority of our regular runners. Continue reading

Those Darn Hills Again

What a wonderful day it was on Thursday, the sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. Gosh that could be an opening line of a story book. But it really was a great day to be out running. Continue reading

Running in the rain

It has been a mixed bag in terms with the weather again. The week started off nice and mild (with a bit of sun) and has ended up quiet grey. Continue reading

A group run

After all the snow last week, it was really nice to see the group back together again. We all admitted we had missed our Thursday morning session, when we were comparing notes about our week just gone. Continue reading

Snow day, means no run day

If you have been following our progress, you will know Thursday is our Large and Legging It session. Continue reading

1st session back after half term

It was great to be back after the half term holiday and nice to see the returning faces from last term, and some who have not been for a while.  Continue reading

What a windy session (session 6)

Session 6 – What a windy session Continue reading

About the group

Hello and welcome to the Large and Legging It running group. Continue reading