Kinetic Sand - How do you play with it?

I was asked this question last week, and I was slightly amazed at my shock and horror that someone wouldn’t know what to do with it.

We absolutely love Kinetic sand in our house. It’s one of J’s favourite things to play with and it’s one of the only things that really keeps him focused and spends more than 5 minutes playing with it. This is probably why I have a real love for Kinetic Sand (KS)!

We bought it mainly because J loves sand, and it’s a bit tricky to just have sand inside, so this is the perfect solution. It doesn’t go everywhere, and even if it is dropped on the floor, then it’s fairly easy to pick up in a clump.

There are lots of benefits to KS and Michaels Blog – The Glue String does a brilliant job of explaining those benefits. It can also be great for children (and adults with ADHD and ASD). Just having pot of it out all the time in their room or on their desk at school, can help them when feeling unsettled, or needing to focus or requiring that feeling of deep pressure. Just pouring the sand over your hand can really help with those who need that sensory feeling. The sand never dries up, so it can be left out.

There are all sorts of Kinetic Sand, and lots of different brands and I’ve tried out a few of them. But my favourite (Unfortunately because it is the more expensive) is the official Kinetic sand. It feels so much nicer than the cheaper brands.


I know in our experience, it really does calm J, the feeling of the sand in his hands meets his sensory needs, but also creatively it can be almost anything.

So how can you play with Kinetic Sand?

We started off simply having having a scoop and some pots in but over time we’ve progressed in sand play.

  1. Get some little diggers and just have some scooping fun, especially if you have diggers and dump trucks.

  2. Carve the sand into roads and ravines for cars and diggers to travel along. Make it into a sand town and add houses and little people and cars.

  3. In a tuft tray or a roasting tin, add animals, sticks and maybe a safari vehicle if you have one, for a desert play scene.

  4. Add in a rocket, aliens and space men for walking on the moon play.

  5. Make pretend food out of it, it can be rolled, cut, prodded, made into chips, sausages, pies and ice-cream. Add some cups, spoons or some cupcake cases. (Hint don’t use silicone cases or chocolate moulds if you want to use them for food again, the sand doesn’t easily come out).

  6. J loved watching fall out of bottles…


  7. Use all different types of pots or vases or jugs

  8. Roll it out and use cookie cutters

  9. Roll it out and stamp different patterns into it.

  10. Roll it out and write in it, practice writing, learn shapes and letters and numbers.

  11. Make Skate Parks for mini BMX’s or Mini skate boards

  12. Push Magnetic letters and numbers into it.


    The more sand you have the better, we bought two 2lb packs of the sand and it definitely increases the fun. Hopefully that is enough ideas to get you started!! And I hope you have as much fun as we do. 

    We'll be getting the Kinetic Sand out at Play Plus soon, so come along and give it a try.