Homeschooling Schedule example

We've had a lot of people ask recently about what is an appropriate schedule during lock down. 

Can we just mention here, this is just our opinion and it is a schedule that has worked in our homes. 


We have broken the learning part of the day into half hour chunks.

Starting with a fitness time gets the children moving and their brains ready for the day! This can be Joe Wicks on youtube, or there are lots of dance fitness videos for kids on Youtube. It wakes you all up and then after half hour they are begging to sit down! 

We only started with Maths because it was my LO's favourite subject, but you can start with a subject of your choice. 

Then there was 30 mins of free time (mainly so I could log on to a work conference call). We decided no screens, but it is entirely up to you!

Then Literacy (English) time and more free time.

Topic is things like Science, Geography, History. 

Then lunch time - we allowed screens here. (Again so we could get some work done). 

Exercise time for us is really important so we go on very long bike rides, but you can use this time for creativity - with art or spending time in the garden (If you have one). It's quite flexible. 

During learning time, I always use a visual timer so you all know how long is left. 

You don't have to make a time table on a computer, you can draw out a timetable that works for you.