Hippo Is Happy

This morning was all about our emotions, we looked at happy faces and sad faces and we had a fun time playing with our emotion dice and then copying the face. IMG_0863.jpg


Our Tuft tray was full of mirrors and our emotion cards and some hand puppets. Pulling funny faces in a mirror is very entertaining, but it's also fun using the hand puppets to copy a happy face. IMG_0862.jpg

Using different ways to help explain emotions is so great for children, and helps them understand their emotions so much more. 

Something you can do at home: Get a paper plate and some split pins, and make some eyes, mouth and nose (I also made some ears) and attach all the facial features with the split pins to the plate. Your children can also decorate the plate. Once you've attached everything, you can move the mouth and make a happy face or a sad face, and you can talk about things that make your children happy or sad, it might also be helpful to talk about what we do when we are feeling sad or happy. IMG_0866.jpg

We weren't able to have a visitor today, so we played races and hide and seek! 

We have a very Christmassy Play plus next week, we have 'More than Words Charity' coming for a Christmas Sing and Sign and we are going to be making Christmas decorations, so come along to get you into the Christmas mood! 

So to get you in the mood for signing here is Helen from 'More than Words Charity' with the signs for Happy and Sad. 

With Thanks to Children In Need and True Colours.  

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